Creating Some Great Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Setting up your outdoor lighting is like the icing to the cake. You have a great home, you have a comfort zone, so now you need the right lighting to set everything off. You don’t necessarily need an interior/exterior decorator to do the work for you. You just have to know what you want set up. If you’re planning outdoor lights to help you see what goes on in your backyard or the front, then get specific lights that cater to that. Maybe you like a particular light setting at night to help you see the stars. Outdoor lighting makes for a great evening out and can spice things up between you and your spouse in your own home. Here’s how to set up some outdoor lighting.

Materials Needed and Safety Precautions

To set up your outdoor lighting, you’ll need some of the following materials: a shovel, screwdriver (flat head and Philips), level, and post hole digger. Some additional items that you need to use are: pliers, wire cutters, electric tape, and a voltmeter. Typically, you’ll be working with a low voltage wiring, but it’s still important to go over the proper safety protocol to make sure you don’t get injured in the installation process. You need to call your local utility company before you begin digging. Make sure your transformer is unplugged to protect yourself from shock. These are very imperative precautions to note before you begin the installation process.

Selection, Fixture, and Placement

Let’s say you decide to use a well light. You can use this on the facade of your home or on the trees. There’s a very even top to bottom light output. Use a Pyrex glass lens cover seeing as it’s typically buried deep in the ground. This will allow the debris to stay off the fixture. Have it placed about 10 inches off in front of the house. Another fixture to use is a path light. While some may butcher it’s role, you can typically put less of these to showcase more light. You can space your lights out and still have a great effect. Let’s say you have a 50 foot walkway. You’ll only need about 5 lights to support it. The key is not only to light up every square inch, but give the right amount of light for your guests to see. The fixture you want to use is copper because it’s the most durable. Lastly, you can use a floodlight. Light up your shrubbery, and create more of a shadow effect. You can adjust the head to shine up or down depending on taste.

Wiring It All Together

It’s very important that you know about voltage. Since you’ll be working with a low voltage, the further away you get from the transformer, it more the light bulbs will appear less bright. That’s why you’ll need 3-4 fixture per line. It’s all about creating consistency with your fixture the further you are away. Make sure you have all of your wires buried and trenched properly. Make a line in the grass and get your lines in there. Put the mulch over top of it. You can make this easier by actually using the sprinkler or hose and go over the land a bit a couple days before you plan to wire everything. Also, when you put things back together, the land will heal at a faster rate. These are some of the things you can do to set up your lighting outside.