How to Repair Your Screen Window

In time, your screen window wears out due to the elements, birds, and bees, and overall use of it throughout the years. Knowing how to repair your screen window can save you some money from hiring a professional to do the installation for you. Having a good screen is very helpful because you can save money during the cooler temperatures and you won’t have your A/C on full blast. It helps to air out your home in a natural way. Here are some helpful tips to repair your screen window.

Choosing the Right Screen

Depending on your home and your taste, there are different screen windows that cater to your needs. You have an aluminum screen wire and a copper wire. Also, there’s a solar reflective wire. If you live in a more tropical area, this would be the one for you because it keeps some of the sun out on those hot days. This is absolutely perfect if you want to catch a mid-day nap but need to keep some of the sun out of your room without having to fully shut your blinds. There’s also a special pet screening which is perfect for your dog or cat. They are busy bodies and you can call them in the home when you’re ready after a day out and about in nature. These screens are a lot more durable so your cat or dog won’t be able to easily breakthrough or damage it.

Setting Up the Screen Frame

Once you’ve selected your screen, roll it over the screen frame. Make sure you overlap it one or two inches over the edge of the frame. This will come in handy as you begin to put everything together. Put the spline back in by setting it up at one corner of the screen and push it down into the actual screen groove. Once you start creating the spline, roll it back in by taking a screen roller and hold one end of the spline up the opposite end from your starting point. Take it slow and just roll it all in. From this point, you’ll notice that once you get to a corner you’ll want to do the same process over from the start by pushing it back in again. Repeat this step and prepare for the final stage of restoration.

Finishing Things Up

Come to your final edge and double check each corner after you’ve put the spline in. Make sure everything is secure; you don’t want the spline slacking. Now you can begin to cut off the excess wire by using a utility knife. Simply lay your razor blade on the outside edge of the spline and trim the excess wire. After all four the corners are trimmed, your screening will be done. This is something you can do for each place in your home. Designate certain screens for your area to rest, your living room, and your pets. You’ll have a more dynamic looking home when it’s all said and done.