Key Tips On How To Replace Your Toilet

It’s very important to have a comfortable toilet in order to make sure you cleanse your body out. You need a facility that’s not only clean but functional. Depending on the task, it’s actually not hard to replace your toilet. There are different components and things to think about before you begin to take on this mission. You may not need professional help if you know exactly what you’re doing with the task. However, if you do need assistance, it’s wise to know what goes into replacing your toilet and setting a budget accordingly. Here are some key tips on how to replace your toilet.

Shutting off the Water and Removing Toilet

Simply find the water shutoff valve from the toilet. It’s connected from the wall to the toilet. By turning the valve to the right, you’ll actually turn it off. Then with the line running to the toilet, you unscrew that off so that there’s no water that can get there. From this point, you’ll want to start to remove the toilet tank. Take the lid off first then flush the toilet to drain the excess water in the tank. Plunge out the water in the bowl. Make sure you keep a towel on the floor so it doesn’t soak all over the floor. Undo the caps with the channel locks to unscrew the bolts on both sides. Use a utility knife here and go around the bottom of the bowl if there’s cocking. Otherwise, you don’t need it. After you see the bowl has started to come up, put the bowl on top of the floor and lift.

Assembling Your Toilet

Basically, you are going to need a Philip screwdriver to make sure you get the proper placements in. From the two front slots of the toilet seat, one bolt goes in and another bolt for the bottom of it. You have to screw them both in with either the Philip or a flathead screwdriver. Make sure with each nut, it’s secured tightly. Make sure you secure the bowl area as well. There are caps for the toilet seat and you’ll actually tighten them until you hear a pop. If you need any help, you can use an instruction manual to show you how to do a proper seal on your toilet. The amount of slots and bolts should match up. If there are 3 slots, the same amount should be on the bolts. Take one rubber seal and place it on each end of the bottom. Place the tank on top of the bowl. Take your nuts and washers and place a washer at the bottom and a bolt to carry it with. Place a washer and a bolt on each end slot where oyu see the bolts. This is when you use the crescent wrench to tight the bolts up to compress the seal at the bottom.


Installing the Toilet

Get on a pair of gloves and being scraping the wax ring. Undo the bolts from the bottom with the crescent wrench. Take the new bolts and install them by lining everything up. Get the new wax ring and post it below. Now, you can actually match the bolt and new wax ring together to secure everything. Use a plastic washer for each side and then tighten again with the crescent wrench. Now that’s everything installed. Go ahead and connect the water supply back to the toilet. Also, loosen the valve by turning it left. This way you can test the water and make sure it flushes properly.