Know how to plant a tree and be a blessing to next generation

Trees are really a great blessing to us. The trees give us many advantages and no one can say a disadvantage of trees. They protect the planet we live. Trees are amazing if you know the advantages of trees. People usually think that the trees are for beauty and shades. But actually there are enormous benefits of trees that really benefit the planet and the living beings of the planet. If you take the color of the trees, you can get relaxed of seeing the trees. Every morning people wakes up and sees the trees outside their house as it gives them relaxation and peace in the mind. The color green gives them soothing and easiness in the mind. This is really true and many people witness it. Seeing the tree causes our eyes to free from strain.

Trees remove the heat energy and from the atmosphere and keeps the atmosphere cool. Trees are actually natural air conditioners as the evaporation from the trees changes the atmosphere that is it reduces the heat energy of the atmosphere. There is no cooler place in the world than being under the shades of the trees. The rays of the scorching sun get filtered by the tree and produces shades by branches and leaves. There are some trees that keep your home and atmosphere hot in the winter season. The one of the main process of the tree is to absorb the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen in to the atmosphere. Hence the amount of pollution is reduced and makes a better living.

If there is no tress then the chance of rain is reduced. The trees are the main source of producing rain and it reduces the soil erosion by absorbing the surface water and increasing the ground water. Since there are enormous advantages by trees we should know how to plant it. Mostly people do not take serious note on planting trees. But they are greatest blessing in our lives. The first step in planting a tree is planning a season. Every tree has seasons to grow, only if the tree is planted in the appropriate season, it will live long. The time of the year you plant the tree plays crucial role. The best time to plant the tree is autumn or in the early spring season.

The proper climate for the particular tress of the nativity is important factor to be considered while plating a tree. Plan the tree planting as per the kind of tree you are going to plant. The hole you dig to plant the tree must be sized to hold the root of the tree so that there will be enough space to spread out in the beginning, the root ball is very important for the tree to live long. Use proper fertilizer, add the fertilizer in the soil and spread some amount of fertilizers in the hole in which the tree is to be planted. The fertilizers must be natural so that the tree will get proper and needed supply from the soil through the root. Water it regularly since the water soaks the fertilizers and keep the soil in moisture for the tree to grow.