Learning How to Attach The Walls to Your Closet

Setting up your walls to the closet is extremely important. It gives your closet the dimensions needed to fit all of your precious items. A closet itself is something that’s not only used for storage but it shows a piece of your personality. How you rig up your closet also says something about your personal style. However, you need to ensure that you have the right materials and that you are absolutely safe during the process. From assembling to setting up the walls, this is key to attach your walls to the closet. Here are some steps to make this a lot easier.

Getting the Right Materials to Begin the Process 

Safety is first especially dealing with wood or any equipment that can give you splinters or worse. That’s why safety goggles should be one of the first things you reach for in your material bag. Of course, you should have your walls built before you put them in place. Put your safety goggles on because next you are going to get a Hilty gun to secure your walls on the concrete. If you don’t have a Hilty gun handy, a hammer and nails work just fine. Just be careful and make sure you take your time when nailing and hammering things down. Otherwise, you could end up with a sore thumb or worse from not following proper procedure. In the next section, we’ll talk about getting everything lined up.

Lining Everything Up for Wall Placement

Put your safety goggles down and begin to line up your wall with chalk marks. When you have the proper markings on the wall, go ahead and get the Hilty gun ready.  Use it for each stud bay on every single level. Be prepared for the loud noise that comes with the gun because it may startle you. Keep repeating until you can see the wall is beginning to be leveled. If you notice that the bubble is centered between the two lines, that’s a good sign that the wall is leveled. From this point, you can actually start nailing the wall.

Nailing the Wall Down for Your Closet 

Okay, here’s the crucial part where you began to nail everything down. Move back and begin doing the same thing until you get back to this wall. Nail everything where you can. In the previous steps, you may have put a block in between the two joice, where your wall would have ended up with nothing to nail to. From that point, put the blocks in and get everything lined up, this way you have more of a chance of nailing things down correctly. Keep nailing down each block until you finish up. Move the ladder as needed so you have good room to secure things. After you’re done with the first wall, promptly begin on the second one. It’s crucial that you get everything setup accordingly with the wall mounted to the floor correctly. Additionally, you want aside sometime so that your wall is nailed properly to the ceiling. Use your ladder to help you reach in difficult spots. All of this will help you attach your walls to the closet in a simple manner.