Plan organic gardening with simple and easy organic gardening tips

Gardening is very interesting and exciting if we can have our garden blooming and prospering with plants. No one would bear to see the dry garden. Gardening is not a one day task and it is a lifelong process. One after another someone needs to take care of the garden regularly. The uncared garden never looks like a garden. Special care should be given to keep your garden fresh and tender. The gardeners tend their garden in the morning and in the evening regularly. If you needed they tend even in the noon time. There are many steps in gardening like preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, watering the seeds and plants, pruning and protecting the plants.

These individual steps have separate purpose and they are essential to have beautiful and fruitful garden. The garden looks beautiful if it looks green all around and blossoms with flowers, fruits and vegetables. The garden is fruitful when it gives desire results for the efforts taken in gardening. The fruitfulness of the garden does not depend on the garden, plant or the soil; it actually depends on the care we give for the garden. The essential part of gardening is not only feeding the soil with needed fertilizers but also protecting the soil and the plant from pesticides. The pesticides are chemical compounds added to the soil and sprayed onto the plants to protect from the bacteria, insects and other pests. There are organic pesticides, highly advisable to use.

 Gardening needs perfect planning; doing unplanned things will result in unfruitful garden. The pesticides we use to protect the garden should not be toxic that harms our health. To protect the garden using pesticides we need to plan earlier to ensure proper protection to the garden. There are few steps or tips for organic gardening or protecting the garden using organic pesticides.

Prepare your soil: Use animal manures than chemical manures to prepare the soil. Do not use the fresh animal manures, the best way is, use the compost by mixing it with the soil of your garden. This will enrich the soil to supply nutrients to the plant and avoid the pests and weeds besides. Adding the animal manures will loosen the soil and makes the soil to absorb water as much as.

Sowing the seeds: This is the next step in which you should choose different methods of sowing for different plants. Some vegetables grow from the underground, some grow as climbing and some grow as usual plants we see.


This is the one of the foremost thing that everyone knows, but it matters a lot about how you water. The soil needs to be in moisturized so that the seeds can start growing. The important fact is that the soil needs water or the seeds need water before it starts sprouting.

After doing all these steps, use only organic pesticides to protect the garden. They are non-toxic substances and hence there will not be any harm in using it. The plants that produce vegetables and fruits by means of using chemical pesticides are not good for health.