Taping and Finishing Your Closet

When you remodel your home, building your closet is a more personal process for the simple fact it has your belongings. Of course, each room in the home is special but where you sleep and dress holds more sentimental value. Your clothing and accessories are a part of your personality and you want this to be very comfortable. Sometimes you want to build this closet yourself but you need to know how to tape and finish the process. Here are some tips to help you through the work.

What Supplies You Need to Start

Here are some of the basic materials to buy to help you through this task. You’ll need a 4-inch taping knife, 6-inch taping knife, and 12-inch taping knife. 4-inch is great for scraping compound off the other knives. You can utilize the 6-inch knife for putting compound on the corners, seams, and more. The 12 inch knife is better used for feathering seams as well as edges. Make sure you have a pan ready for your coats and to get a bit of the excess compound off the wall as needed. Of course, you’ll also need a good compound and enough to coat over your whole closet. Be sure to get a good sanding block to sand your wall before it’s painted.

Finishing Your Drywall

This is definitely important for the presentation of your closet.  You can first install your corner beam by placing drywall nails about 12 inches apart on each side and stagger them out. This way you’ll give the beam more stability. You want everything to be secure and clean looking before you paint it later. Everything needs to be smooth in this process of finishing your closet. Setting this portion up will help you tape things down a lot better.

Taping Your Drywall

Once you’ve installed the corner beam, put the drywall tape to hold the joints down. Put down three fresh coats of drywall compound. Just search your local hardware store for this material. Keep the compound strokes nice and even throughout. Apply the mud over it as well and you can use a knife to carefully get the debris and put it on the pan. Take your time to put your coat down as you begin to set things up for your block coat.

Coating Your Closet

Now, here is where you start to finish things off before you actually paint. Once you’ve applied the Drywall compound, you have what’s called a Block Coat. You can apply another coat after it dries, which is called the skim coat. Make sure you apply it on all the joints and corner beam. The final step is to use a sand block to sand the coats after everything dried. You want to make it even throughout the texture of your closet. If you have trouble getting into certain areas or hard to reach places, a good sanding pole with an attachment will help tremendously. After you’ve completed this part, you are ready to paint your closet.