Things to be followed while watering and fertilizing the lawn

Everyone would like to have a lawn in their home because it will give a pleasant environment around their home and also it will be the best place to spend time. But growing is a lawn is not an easy task as people think.  You will have to spend more time and also put more effort to grow a lawn. First of all you need to know some of the important things which have to be done while growing a lawn.

Water your lawn

Generally a lawn will need more amount of water therefore you need to provide the required water. But it may vary on the basis of the place where you are living and the climatic condition there. Therefore you need to consider those aspects and determine how much water you should provide to the lawn.

To find out the required amount of water you need to know the evaporation rate. It will help you to know how much of water is evaporated and how much water is being used by the plants productively.

Once you get an idea about this, you have to analyze the soil type. The ability of water absorption will be different from each soil type. Therefore you need to find out what kind of soil is present in your yard. Evaluating the soil type will let you know how much water it will require.

By doing these things, you will get an idea about the amount of water you need to provide. After that you have to know when you need to provide the water and how often you should water the lawn. These two are very important aspects that you need to know. Hence you must be very conscious about these cases and you need to provide in the right time and in the tight amount.

Fertilize the lawn

Fertilizing the lawn is also an imperative thing which will help you to grow a lawn as you desire. There are some significant aspects that you need to know when it comes to fertilizing your lawn.

First of all you need to know the type of grass you have. Accordingly you have to select and use the fertilizer. It is always better to do a pH soil test before you purchase fertilizer. When you are doing this test, you can get to know the amount of acidity or alkalinity in your soil. It will be very helpful to make a decision on purchasing the fertilizer.

As the next step, you should measure the size of your lawn so that you can get the right amount of fertilizer. Many people will not do this and they will simply purchase the fertilizer in some amount. Finally it will not be enough for the complete area and they need to purchase it again. Sometimes, they will not purchase the fertilizer and manage with the amount that they have. When they are doing like this they cannot expect a proper lawn. Therefore they have to purchase the right amount of fertilizer and use it in the lawn with the help of proper equipments.