Tools Required for Hanging Wallpaper

While it may look fairly simple to hang wallpaper, you’ll quickly realize the level of skills required once you learn about the many tools you’ll need to use during this video. A rather comprehensive list of tools is set forth below.

General information is also shared about how to get started, which rooms to avoid covering with wallpaper when you’re a beginner, basic safety concerns, and distinct skills that will be taught in later sessions.

Organize your tools in a central area before starting work on a new room

Make sure all of the tools listed below are wiped clean and ready for use. Be sure to arrange them carefully so you and your helper can easily locate all of them. It’s always wise to keep the glue and similar products in a separate area so they won’t drip on your wallpaper. Consider using a basic worktable for holding all of your tools in the middle of the room.

Never hang wallpaper in your kitchen or bathroom if you’re a beginner

These rooms provide special challenges with all of their different surfaces, cabinets, and the extra heat or moisture often produced while in use. Either save these for a professional or wait until you’ve acquired considerable experience hanging paper in other rooms so you’ll be ready for these challenges.

Special safety concerns you must consider before starting this type of project

As the tool list below indicates, you’re going to be using some very sharp and even potentially dangerous objects while hanging wallpaper. Should you fall off a ladder while performing these basic tasks, you could suffer serious injuries. It’s best to only allow an adult to try hanging wallpaper in your home – although your teenagers can certainly watch and gain useful knowledge for the future.

Wear tennis shoes or work shoes with a good bottom tread to help you avoid slipping while on the ladder or standing on your toes and reaching for higher wall areas. Leave all sharp tools on the ground when working on your ladder whenever possible.

It’s a good idea to keep at least one clean-up rag stuffed in your jeans pocket while working on a ladder so you can quickly clean up any excess glue that may be spilled.

Tools you’ll need to purchase or borrow for wallpaper projects

  • A roller, a roller cover, and a roller pan
  • A brush for handling the trim and a “scraper” or trim guide
  • A level. It’s best to use one that’s wider than the sheet of paper you’re hanging
  • Basic items such as a well-built indoor step ladder, sandpaper, a sponge, a pencil, and a tape measure
  • Wallpaper smoothers – one might be made of flat plastic and the other one may appear to be a rather flat brush

  • Such sharp tools as a vinyl knife and single-edge blades
  • A special, small roller for smoothing out seams
  • Lightweight spackle and clear, non-staining paste. You’ll also need special paste for use on inside corners and borders
  • One Phillips screwdriver and a flat-headed screwdriver

As you progress through this series, you’ll find enough tips to help you skillfully hang wallpaper in just about any room in your house.