Ways to Clean and Protect Your Deck

Having a sound deck in your home is essential because it’s your chill out spot on a Spring or Summer day. It’s where your family likes to relax to eat and have a nice beverage during your family cookouts. Also, it’s a good getaway from being cooped in the house all the time. It’s a certain sanctuary that you need to protect and need to clean. It doesn’t take too much to make sure that your deck stays in great condition. Just be sure not to neglect the small stuff. That does tend to add up later down the line. Here are some great ways to help you clean and protect your deck.

Materials Need to Complete the Task

When it comes to your wood deck, you need proper tools in your disposal to help make this process easier as well as the most efficient. Some of the tools you’ll need include the following: a gasoline powered pressure washer, hoses, a wood cleaner treatment, pump up garden sprayers. This will make sure you cleanse your deck off properly. Also, you’ll have the right stuff so that your deck doesn’t look dry or rather run through from expensive material that can drown out its natural color. Additionally, you’ll need a deck sealer to help it retain its natural color.  Other materials (more for the safety tip) include: goggles, gloves, boots, ladder (be very careful with this in case you need to reach in certain places), and an emergency number for a water pressure puncture wound. These wounds are rare but they do happen from time to time.

Cleaning Your Deck

One of the first things you can do to prepare yourself for the cleaning process is to sweep your deck off completely. Due to the elements, dirt, grime, leaves, and stick can all get on your deck. You’ll want to make sure you start your deck on a plain slate before you begin to wash your deck off. Tools to use to get small things between your floorboards are a 5-in-1 painter tool and butter knife. Pre-treat your deck by moistening it with your gasoline powered pressure washer. Just a little water all over goes along way because you don’t want your deck looking sappy.  Use your wood cleaner treatment by putting it in warm water and stirring it around. You can pour it in your garden sprayer and then apply it on the moistened deck. Dwell for about 10-15 minutes and you are ready for pressure washing. Turn it on and then take your hose up the stairs and just go left and right motion like a pendulum. Keep that going very steady to prevent cut marks. Go with the grain. Do the same thing with the rail but go up and down.

Protect Your Deck

Here’s the end portion. After you’ve cleaned your deck off, you can choose a good deck protectant that goes with the color of your wood. You can choose an oil preserved one. Pour it through a fine mesh strainer so there are no solid. Use the pump garden sprayer to evenly distribute the product throughout your wood. However, if you have the time and energy, do the railings first. Use a brush or a roller and  dip it in the product to evenly apply the preserves on it. Make sure you minimize your steps. If you do step on some areas you already preserved, you can just brush or roll on those areas to get rid of the markings. Clean up with mineral (if you used oil preserves), or water (for water or latex product) to ensure you have a nice finish. Let it dry.